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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Life is Amazing

Life is amazing. I just found out that after a year of not being able to use my blogs, on the same day I got back into them--November 27, 2017--a longtime student and friend died.
Kay Chelemedos was one of my longest running group members. First through North Seattle's Senior program at the Northgate location, then at Greenwood Senior Center for many, many years. She and her husband Peter Chelemedos have been more than my longest term couple members, more than delightful friends. I felt they were like semi-parents. Whenever they traveled, and it was often, they sent me postcards. I have one of the farthest northern spot in Europe that is inhabited, among others.
In another shocking coincidence, Kay had stimulated the initial gathering of pieces about friendship when she thanked me in class for allowing our group to be a friendship group as well as a writing group. I began gathering those stories in the 1990s but only completed and published the book a few days before Kay's death. I hope she heard it had finally been done. I had no idea, at that time, that she was close to passing. Yes, I'm not that surprised. Not surprised that I had some internal connection with Kay and Peter as they went through this hard transition. Not surprised that this connection brought me only something good. Fancifully, I can imagine Kay with her angel wings, smiling in approval at the book...which bears her photo and her words. Sigh!
Ariele M. Huff
This is a photo of Kay (in the black hat speaking to Martha Lindquist--also a long time member of groups with me).

Monday, November 27, 2017

After a couple of years, I suddenly figured out how to get back into all my blogs! Including This one!
And the timing is perfect as I just have released a new book--The Friendship Book--with stories from several of the people who have already given me work for this blog!
   Here's the info on the new book and some free eBook downloads for the holidays.
The Friendship Book can now be ordered as a paperback pre-Christmas. Takes about 10 days to arrive so do it soon. The paperback is $5.99. if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping…and often get to read the eBooks for free.)
   The eBook is 99 cents and can be ordered for yourself, loaned to one friend at a time, or you can buy eBooks and give as gifts. (The plus to an ebook, aside from the price, is that photos are all in color and that you can give them up to a day or two before Christmas/Hannukah.)
   Until Wednesday 11/29, the free eBook download is my husband’s children’s book Magical Christmas Pizza. I did the illustrations. This is the link:
   Free eBook for 12/2 to 12/6 is Gratitude.
   Free eBook for 12/9 to 12/13 is The Holiday Sampler we did last year. 
   My eBook called  Merry Christmas  was on free download last week but is 99 cents mother wrote and painted this little book for my sister and me at my 3rd Christmas (1952).
   As always, I LOVE ❤❤❤❤ reviews. Five star reviews with praise are a great way to help these books attain good search function and to protect them from trolls or haters. If you can’t give any eBook 5 stars, please tell me why in an email (NOT in a review online) and I’ll determine if I that’s a change I can make so that you can give it a good review! My email is
   Happy, happy Holidays and thanks for being a friend!  Ariele

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This Poem For You

This Poem For You

The night before New Years Eve,
we decide to be teenagers again
and we change roles, me a boy
you a girl, bending the arc of pleasure
into something new, something
that surprises both of us
then, later, when my body reminds
us both that, yes, I'm almost 61
we giggle, as if we really were
each others' first loves and
remember that even though my
muscles now require more care
because I'd tried to grow wings in bed
and you, letting me, grew wings too
it still was all worth it.
James Stansberry

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Gathering Place for the Widowed and Divorced

JOIN others who have lost their spouses through divorce or widowhood. Who knows? You might even meet a good friend...or more! It has happened more than once at my groups.

SHORELINE CC PLUS 50    16101 Greenwood Ave. North                                    206-533-6706
A Gathering Place for the Widowed and Divorced  Share your stories & coping strategies in a safe & understanding environment with others who have suffered the same loss. We'll look at methods to work with grief & loss. The instructor has written Processing Loss Workbook, taught many Processing Loss Workshops, and has been widowed and divorced.  11/19    10am – 2pm Saturday        $15

This group is a great place to celebrate your relationship as well as to grieve it, to find ways to move on while still honoring the past.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


(for Michelle)

I love my partner's golden body,
black hair greying like mine, but
I also feel inside me, butterflies, bees
trapped in a buzz, hum, when I see
long-legged, or curvy women, like young
birds, or deer, waiting for a light, clustered
in giggling groups in a cafe, or smiling
as we pass on many sidewalks, and you
the one with giggle like water running water,
you I remember all the way home, a sweet song
all the way to my toes. 
James Stansberry

Friday, March 11, 2016


Take a look at Bridget Clawson's new blog about learning how to be a widow.

Rings for 3 husbands, twice a widow. Ariele Huff 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

"A Symphony to Love and Marriage"

A Symphony to Love and Marriage
Two hearts in symphonic harmony,
With an intense feeling of affection,
One partner plays the rhythm and the other, melody.

With true heartedness and allegiance to one another,
Evolving in faithfulness and loyalty,
Two hearts in symphonic harmony.

Like a lovely instrumental composition,
Embellished with soft and sweet sounding resonance,
One partner plays the rhythm and the other, melody.

A communion of two souls,
A love evolving in faithfulness,
Two hearts in symphonic harmony.

Playing a melodious tune with compassion,
Their union is a partnership of true love,
One partner keeps the rhythm, and the other, melody.

They harmoniously balance their rhythmic tune,
To the delight of one another, they play on,
Two hearts in symphonic harmony,
One partner keeps the rhythm, and the other, melody.
©2011 Bob Barta

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Free eBooks promos

FREE eBooks

Pass these sites along to anyone you want. I look at my eBooks as the legacies I want to leave to family, friends, writing community, and people in general.

Fifty Shades of Graying: Love, Romance, and Sex After Fifty is free 9/23-9/27
The Successful Risk Taker is free 9/26-9/30

 You can download any or all of these to your computer using an app that Amazon offers at the time of "purchasing" the free books. Or you can have them "delivered" to you on Amazon's Cloud Reader and read them right on their website.

Ariele Huff is a writer, editor, and teacher specializing in helping others get their books out as eBooks or publish on demand paperbacks. She is a third generation Seattle-dweller.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Cheap Class--GRAB it!
 Getting What You Want: Winning Letters & Emails 

Whether you’re after a promotion, a new account, stronger ties in business, a new job, a better deal, an apology, a refund, or freebies, a few well-placed words can turn the trick. 
Learn the basics of creating persuasive messages 
in this to-the-point class where 
we’ll look at specific student needs as well as general rules.  
9/29-10/27 6-8pm (5 Tuesdays)                                                                           $25.99

SHORELINE CC PLUS 50    16101 Greenwood Ave. North  (rm 1304)       206-533-6706

FYI--This class is available to anyone of any age!   Sign up soon to make sure the class runs. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Old website being a bear to update so I'm making a new one. It's with Site Builder and was easy to do. They continuously ask me to purchase the domain, but I'm not motivated for that.
Go check it out at 
It's not finished but has events, photos and a fun writing exercise on the About page, plus a couple of poems on the Welcome page.
I also have a new blog about writing. It's a continuation of my Writers Wings newsletter that went online, but I stopped doing in 2006. A blog is easier though.
I'm encouraging people to send written pieces to the blog. Do the exercises. Ask questions, etc. And, yes, if what we do is interesting, I'm going to make it into an eBook (as I did with this blog's contributions, including mine) and then you'll be published (again, perhaps?) and I'll let you know when the eBook is free so that you can tell your friends to read you by downloading on those days. Ah, the writing life. :-D

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

People come.
People go.
Blossoms falling,
sometimes poems.
[A haiku dedicated to my good poet friend,
Elmer Tazuma]
Ariele Huff

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Boots


The old cowboy wandered in the store,
Walked past the hats and suits,
Straight to the shoe department,
And was looking at the boots.

They don’t make them like they used to,
They were better in my day,
With hand stitched fancy leather tops,
I heard the old man say,

When my old boots got worn out,
I’d make a trip to town,
It never made no difference,
If I bought black or russet brown.

I’d buy boots, then go out on the town,
Hoping to meet a college girl,
And when I found the one I liked,
I’d give that gal a whirl.

I could do the Texas two step,
My fancy steps were light,
When I took that lady home,
I would always spend the night.

The quality of these new cowboy boots,
Has me close to tears,
I haven’t bought boots that worked,
In over forty years.
 Del Gustafson

Del Gustafson is a cowboy poet from Nooksack, Washington. This poem is also on --part of the collection for the new Fifty Shades of Graying eBook. Tune in and send your pieces and poems about the joys and woes of Love, Romance, and Sex After Fifty! 
Go to and enter in: Fifty Shades of Graying: Love, Romance, and Sex After Fifty by Ariele M. Huff to see the first anthology of essays and poems. 

Monday, March 30, 2015


That don't need to "go anywhere,
 expand softly into the corners of the mouth,
the mind.

Kissing for the joy of kissing
returns the lingering magic and promise
of teenage making out.

Ariele M. Huff

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Here comes the eBook, friends and writers! I'm planning to release an Kindle eBook (readable on all computers as well as devices) somewhere in the same time frame as the movie comes out (February 13th).
For those who shared their work for the purpose of being in a book--my initial  purpose in doing the blog was to create a book--the good news is that we now have enough pieces to create a good eBook covering the topic.
HOWEVER, please continue to bring me new things. eBooks can continuously be added to and re-configured. I want your stories, poems, essays, on the issues covered here: Love, Romance, and Sex After Fifty--those Fifty Shades of Graying. We all have different experiences and some different views. Let yours be heard!
Love and thanks from,
Ariele (blog mistress and eBook maven ;-)
Our 27th anniversary
Who loves ya, Baby?